Google Drive secure and well organized: a complete guide

The Google Drive is the central repository in your Google Workspace domain. For years, organizations have used a central My Drive structure for their collaboration. However, these organizations are running into more and more pain points.

A central My Drive structure is cluttered. In addition, unstructured sharing within a central My Drive structure creates security and compliance risks. Then there is the question: Do you own your own data?

data google drive owner

Data safely and easily accessible

With Shared Drives you can solve the pain points of a central My Drive structure. If set up properly you can make organizational data available in a safe and clear way.

Migrate your My Drive structure to a Shared Drive structure

In our whitepaper we explain how to migrate a My Drive structure to a Shared Drive structure. We do this based on the PDCA model of William Edwards Deming. Also called the Deming circle.

Iterative process according to the PDCA cycle

Each step of the PDCA model describes the activities you need to go through to complete the migration. By using the PDCA cycle we immediately betray that a migration is an iterative process. To successfully migrate a large number of files you need a process that you can adjust to your own specific situation and environment.

Download the white paper using the form below.

Whitepaper: Are you the owner of your own data?

Google Drive secure and well organized: a complete guide


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