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Evidos (known from Ondertekenen.nl) is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of digital signing and identification. The various solutions of Evidos can be applied to any type of company. Evidos also works closely with partners and integrates digital signing and identification into the software solutions offered by the partner. Evidos has a passion for digital evidence.

Digital proofing is crucial for digitally transforming business processes and introducing new business models. By adding various authentication options to its services, such as DigiD, iDeal, SMS, ITSME, passport selfie check, and iDIN, Evidos' clients have the ability to add the right evidentiary value to their digital transactions. So everyone can do business online safely, easily, and legally. It starts with evidence.

Digital signing and identification

  • Market leader for digital signing and identification since 2008.
  • Get started immediately through our web portal and web service API.
  • The solution for local SMEs to international enterprises.
  • Internationally deployable with national identity tools.
  • European provider, 2000+ customers and millions of users worldwide.
  • Compliant with international laws and regulations, eIDAS, SOCII and ISO 27001.

G-workplace and Evidos: digital signing add-on

G-workplace and Evidos are working together to make digital signing within the Google office environment possible in a safe and accessible way through a so-called add-on. A logical - and also very nice - collaboration considering the expertise of both organizations. The add-on is available as a download and can be found on Google Marketplace. During the limited launch of the Add-on there were already many enthusiastic responses. With even more enthusiasm, together we will continue to develop the add-on and look forward to helping organizations with their issues around Digital Signing and Google Workspace.

Install Add-on

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