G Suite Administration Application

The G Suite Administration Application enables you to grant extra 'superpowers' to particular users within your organisation. These new power users (for example your support staff department) will then be able to perform tasks that were usually done by your Google domain administrators. And all of that is accomplished without having to alter any existing Google user account within your domain. 


Manage user settings

Through the secured web interfase of the application, these power users are able to change other individual user email settings like:

  • Updating Out of Office settings
  • Changing Organizational Unit
  • Suspending the account
  • Adding and removing mailbox delegates

And also change their calender settings:

  • Setting another time zone
  • Adding and removing calendar owners
  • Adding and removing calendar members

On top of that they can also maintain your Google Groups (distribution lists):

  • Creating new groups
  • Editing group details
  • Adding and removing group members

Experienced Google Cloud Partner

As an experienced technical Google Cloud Partner G-workplace can help you bring your big ideas to life with the help of the Cloud. We use the best of Google Cloud Platform to build and manage cloud-native business apps.

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