Email security is vital. You want to make sure that only legitimate mail will be received by only the intended mail recipients. Reports4DMARC is a Google Spreadsheet add-on to analyse DMARC reports in an easy to use interface.

DMARC is the industry standard to get information on your SPF and DKIM implementation to fight spam and spoof emails. To analyze DMARC reports you can use this Google Spreadsheet add-on to decide on the adjustments to make to your mailflow. Reports4DMARC comes with an extensive guide on running your SPF/DKIM/DMARC project.

Reports4DMARC features

Overview report provides a high level status overview of the SPF and DKIM record for your domains.
Provider report to learn which party receives mail from your domain.
DMARC analyses report to determine adjustments in the SPF records or missing DKIM keys.

Why use Reports4DMARC instead of any other web tool? As your DMARC data reports are valuable! A main advantage of this tool is that the aggregated DMARC reports remain in your domain. No other organisation will learn about your mailflow data. Many other tools out there are from bulk mail providers who may use your data to their own advantage. Keep your data save in your own environment.
Reports4DMARC Results

Improving your mail security gets easier with this G-workplace DMARC implementation guide and spreadsheet add-on!

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