Google Workspace Administration App

With the Google Workspace Administration App, you can give dedicated user accounts the ability to perform a set of administration tasks on the Google Workspace (G Suite) domain, which would otherwise only be reserved for superadmins. These new power users (e.g. the support department) will then be able to perform tasks that usually need to be performed by your Google domain administrators. 

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Google Workspace Administration App preview

This tool allows your Google domain administrators to adjust settings in the user account. Without having to log into the account. This ensures the security of the account and the privacy of your employees.

Designated "power users" (for example, an external service desk or key-users of departments) can perform simple tasks that would otherwise have to be carried out by the Google domain administrators.

Customized administrator rights

Domain administrators or external partners must have exactly the means to perform their task. Without giving them the ability to modify other settings. But this principle of "least privilege" is difficult to implement in practice.

Basic administrator profiles provide the right solution for one specific task. In practice, employees do not have one specific task but a combination of different tasks and responsibilities. This results in hybrid, customized roles.

With custom roles you can choose from more than 100 different privileges. Changes in processes, job duties or employees can eventually make these hybrid profiles difficult to differentiate and manage. This can result in too few, or just too many, privileges.

The Google Workspace Administration App solves this problem. For more information download our white paper of request a demo!

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