The application to make digital tests safedurable and fun. Whether in class, at the office or remotely.


DigiTest digital tests

For teachers or managers

We understand very well teachers and managers are already busy enough. That is why we have made sure that everyone can work with DigiTest. No manuals, trainings or fuss. Everything is self-evident. 

  • All your tests in a handy overview and reusable;
  • Save paper, work and especially time;
  • Detailed overviews per student or employee;
  • Automatic checking of different question types;
  • Notification when a student or employee needs help;
  • Share tests with fellow teachers or managers.

For students or employees

Also for students or employees DigiTest brings a smart new way of making tests. Tailor-made for every student or employee!

  • Clear, clear and quiet interface;
  • Highlight questions to review at the end;
  • See how many points you can earn for a question;
  • See how much time you have left;
  • Ask your teacher or manager for help from within the application;
  • Have text read out to you;
  • Suitable for students or employees with dyslexia.

DigiTest has been developed in collaboration with G-workplace.

Request Demo

In a personal demo we would like to show you what Digitest can do for your organization. Use the form to request a personal demo, free of charge and without obligation. When you fill in your details we will contact you to schedule the demo.


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