Evidos Add-on

Easy signing and identification add-on

Evidos Google Add-on

With the Evidos Google Add-on we make it possible to easily create your contract and directly send it out to get it signed with the right digital evidence. With this add-on of Evidos it's more than just including a simple signature, we make sure that your signers are identified on a high level.

G-workplace and Evidos: digital signing add-on

G-workplace and Evidos are working together to make digital signing within the Google office environment possible in a safe and accessible way through a so-called add-on. A logical - and also very nice - collaboration considering the expertise of both organizations. The add-on is available as a download and can be found on Google Marketplace. During the limited launch of the Add-on there were already many enthusiastic responses. With even more enthusiasm, together we will continue to develop the add-on and look forward to helping organizations with their issues around Digital Signing and Google Workspace.

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