G-workplace have developed the #1 migration tool Notes2Apps for Lotus Notes applications to Google Workspace. Tens of thousands of applications have been scanned and migrated by the use of Notes2Apps Scan & Migration tooling.

Notes2Apps | Scan

Notes2Apps Scan investigates the IBM Notes applications and mailboxes within the organization to collect all possible statistical data and design information from each application and mailbox. 
After the analysis has been finalized the information is presented in a comprehensive and clear way to facilitate decisions and to enable determining a project budget and timeline. 

Based on the data collected, the Notes2Apps scan: 

  • suggests a migration strategy for each application and estimates the effort of such a migration,
  • gives an overview of the e-mail and calendaring data, usage and use of (IBM Notes specific) features such as forwarding, delegation, calendar attachments, etc.
  • gives an overview of the overall usage of IBM Notes/Domino within the organization and an identification of additional/3rd party tooling.


  • identify applications for deletion or archive
  • identify, classify and prioritize the IBM Lotus applications for migration
  • budget the IBM Lotus application migration project

After the initial scan, Notes2Apps Migrator migrates the IBM Lotus applications to Google Sites or Google Drive. During the project the Notes2Apps SCAN features will contribute to a smooth progress tracking of the decommissioning.



The overview is clearly presented for management level in several slides. A spreadsheet with all calculations is provided and a Notes data container to review individual results per database.  


Notes2Apps | Migrator

Migrates and/or archives the content of selected Notes applications to Google Drive, PDF, Docs, Sheets or Sites, whilst preserving the layout, accessibility of the content and authorizations used in the original Notes application. 



  • Convert IBM Notes documents (with attachments) to PDF (or Google Docs) format and upload to Google Drive or convert to HTML in Google Sites
  • Automatic creation of a Google Site (on a pre-defined template)
  • Set security in Google Drive based on the reader/author fields in the IBM Notes document (or database)
  • Add metadata (labels) to Google Drive files based on one or more category fields of the IBM Notes document
  • Google View gadget to have 'notes' views on your data
  • Google Form gadget to have forms to add new data


  • After the migration your valuable Notes data is available in the Google Workspace collaboration environment.
  • You can decommision Lotus Notes and save costs.
  • Users can find all content and freely collaborate in Google Workspace.
Migration Lotus Notes to Google Workspace


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