Data Warehouse solution for  Moonen Packaging

G-workplace has built a near-zero maintenance data warehouse and data lake solution for Moonen Packaging. Through drag and drop, users are able to create new reports and are able to easily share these reports with colleagues.

The challenge

Moonen Packaging used a traditional data warehouse solution for unlocking ERP data. This data includes sales, logistics, purchasing and inventory management. This system was slow, unstable, not user friendly and often unavailable.

The solution

With a combination of Google Cloud Platform solutions, G-workplace has created a new data warehouse and data lake. The solutions uses Compute, Dataflow, Cloud Scheduler and Bigquery. This makes it possible to connect the ERP system, enrich the data with other sources and transform the data to prepare it for reporting. Datastudio and BI engine makes fast reporting possible.

The results

The new data solution is a near-zero maintenance and stable environment with daily current data. The performance improved from minutes to sub-seconds. Through a simple drag and drop interface, users can easily create reports and share them amongst colleagues. The new solution has also resulted in a substantial cost reduction.

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