Ahold Delhaize


Ahold Delhaize is migrating close to 260.000 users from G Suite to O365 and they needed detailed information on their G Suite environment.  They had to choose the best way to migrate their employees to O365 and remove the G Suite licenses in order to save money.


G-workplace created a Google App Engine application in Python to extract the user, group, group members, user usage and drive usage data amongst other data and save that in BigQuery via Cloud Tasks. From the data in BigQuery G-workplace created reports in Google Datastudio to help better understand the Google environment and the best ways to shutdown the core G Suite services in a coordinated approach.


Through the use of BigQuery and Google Datastudio G-workplace was able to provide the needed information to phase out the G Suite environment for the EU and US separately of each other while keeping the G Suite services on for those who still needed them. The result was that just a small number of G Suite licences is still needed and that more than 90% could be decommissioned.

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