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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a server environment for online services provided and maintained by Google. The Google Cloud Platform allows you to build and deploy computers, applications, websites and services with the same capacity, infrastructure, security and speed as Google's own server architecture.

The platform includes a range of predefined environments and services such as virtual machines, compute, storage, application development and data analytics tools. All to be set up as desired and sized on Google's own hardware, 100% climate neutral.

Getting started with Google services? As official Google Cloud Partner G-workplace offers support.

Developing an application with Google Cloud Platform?

G-workplace develops business applications that simplify, improve and accelerate business processes further improving internal operations. Every organization and every project is unique. From design to implementation and management. We listen to your specific needs and come up with the best that the Google Cloud has to offer for your organization.

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Cloud Security

Our slogan is Smarter Better Together, because as G-Workplace we would like your Google environment to be as secure as possible. This is only possible with cooperation, being smarter and improving and that also applies to security.

To make sure your environment is checked and as safe as possible, we made a security checklist. This checklist goes through different parts in the Google environment that make sure the environment has gone through a security APK.

Want to get started with setting up your Google Drive in a safe and structured way? Download our whitepaper.

Our team of specialists is ready to go through the checklist together and improve your Google environment where possible. Please contact us for more information.

Need help working with BigQuery?

From operational issues to data driven insights. G-workplace helps your organization collect, structure and make your data insightful.

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Services of G-workplace

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Apps Script


Google Drive secure and well organized: a complete guide


Let's work together!

We are your Google partner for business. Please get in contact to discuss how we can help your team to work better and more efficient.

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